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    Inspiration for my clowns reaches as far back as the 16th style of street performance known as Commedia dell'Arte (my Punch is a direct descendent of Pulcinella) as well as drawing from more modern sources like the wondrously imagined Cirque du Soleil. Here and there I take historical reference in the construction of certain aspects of the costuming process, but I love the freedom that clowns offer to pursue the most whimsical, ludic, and even absurd directions in their attire. A couple of my marionettes have found their way into the pop culture: Mlle. Senyah was created for a how-to project on HGTV's "That's Clever!", and I was commissioned by Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Darrell Scott to creat a portrait marionette for the cover of his cd "The Theatre of the Unheard". That cd became a Top 100 Critics Choice for Rolling Stone Magazine.
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November 23, 2008


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The pixie is adorable!!

Rosanna Pereyra

Hi there!
I just came across your site and I love your work. The elves are so adorable too.
Best wishes,


Thanks, Cynthia and Rosanna! Your comments are really appreciated, and please stop by often!


I saw your blog its really attractive and nicely designed. I like your work its admirable. The pixie and eleves are adorable I rally liked that soooooooooo!!!!!!!! Much.



Thank you, Rehana! I'm so glad that you like my work, and it is very gratifying to hear such positive feedback.

Please stop by often!

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